HTML5 offers a flexible cross-platform solution based on customized RSS or API calls that can emulate the user-experience of popular apps like Flipboard.

John Thompson, Owner

The Making Of

As simple as a pencil on paper, that’s the way we’ve begun to delineate the shape of that oughtto-be a successful mobile web application. And literally, like every journalist who begins his work with the pencil and the sheet, we’ve also used these two instruments, leaving behind the technology, to practically design mobile and tablet user interface on paper. And we’ve made some sketches, the result of our vision and imagination, but not before going through the crossing out, the blotting out and the shooting hoops at the trash can processes.


Launched in November 2012, the mobile web app has been awarded with a direct slot to participate at the prestigious Mobile Premier Awards (Barcelona, February 2013).

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