Appticles is a brilliant tool, which does all the work for you, and has revolutionised our site for all android devices: but above all, the people behind it are with you every step of the way.

Joanna Malek, Editor

The Making Of

"Working with Appticles has allowed us to create a customised, beautiful, user-friendly design that puts readers in touch with our very goal: the luxuries in life. We receive consistent feedback that our branding and design is beautifully laid out, making each piece as readable as the next. It is so rewarding to see HashtagLife as just a touch of a button away for any reader longing for adventure, inspiration, and escape!"

Read Other Success Stories picks Appticles for the great digital experience that it offers to their users. Simple and intuitive, it keeps their readers engaged.

Live Manager

Live Manager used Appticles to build a relatively inexpensive HTML5 web app to gain crucial knowledge about the mobile user case picks Appticles to develop a flexible cross-platform solution that can emulate the user-experience of popular apps like Flipboard.