Our Process and Workflow


This is essentially the visual architecture of what will go on each page of your app and how it all links together. Wireframing is important to define the full scope of the project and to have a mutual understanding of what will need to go into the app.


The design phase is where you’ll get high-resolution .PSD mock-ups of what the app will look like when it is created. This stage is where you will flesh out logos, colors, styling, fonts, etc. and really nail down the look and feel of your app.


While working through the development stage, it is important that you, as the quote, are updated of the progress at every step of the process.
Typically this is done through project management tool such as Basecamp, Asana, Trello, etc.


After launching your app, it is imperative that you get feedback from your users so that you can make future updates to your app and incorporate feedback in the changes. We'll track the performance of your application and implement updates on a monthly basis.

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