Google Mobilegeddon Aftermath White Paper

Get Ready To Grow Your Mobile Traffic

The White Paper covers the history of mobile web evolution in the last 12 months, the methodology of the study, and how to interpret the results in a way that guides you to employ better mobile web strategies for the future.

Titled “The Aftermath of Google’s Mobilegeddon”, this white paper notes that of the 42% of web entities who had no support for mobile devices, a quarter of those had adopted a mobile strategy of some sort. This still left a sizable chunk - 31.5% of the total sample - failing to keep pace with the technology of their users.

It covers a wide range of critical topics including:

  • The Four Methods of Approaching Mobile Interaction
  • Methods and Results of the First Web Survey
  • Overall Results Prior to the Algorithm Change
  • The Aftermath of Mobilegeddon And How It Applies To You
  • Results By Business Category
  • What the Future of Mobile Web Looks Like