11 Digital Growth Strategies for Newspaper Publishers

A Newspaper Professionals Network Initiative

This eBook is a Newspaper Professionals Network initiative that incorporates community expertise by bridging theory and practice. With the help of the Newspaper Professionals Network members that accepted our invitation to contribute for this first edition, newspaper publishers of all sizes will gain new insights and be able to implement these strategies for their own publications.

Table of contents

  • #1 Evaluate Your Mobile Presence
  • #2 Understand User Behaviours
  • #3 Engage Mobile Users with Progressive Web Apps
  • #4 The Mobile Wallet Opportunity
  • #5 Solving Local SMB's Digital and Print Marketing Obstacles
  • #6 Data-Driven Revenue Diversification Represents Newspapers' Prime Path To Survival
  • #7 Albany Times Union Finds Data-Driven Audience Growth
  • #8 4 Ways to Grow Your Database Through Engagement Campaigns
  • #9 How One Company's "All-In" Engagement Strategy Lead to $9MM
  • #10 Make Reader's Choice Ballots The Foundation of Your Engagement Strategy
  • #11 Content, Branding and Globalization

Huge thanks to the amazing contributors for the first edition of this eBook: Kent Kirschner (BeMotion Inc), David D. Ruiz (ConvergenSEE),Tom Ratkovich & Dan Williams (Leap Media Solutions), Matt Coen (Second Street), Linda Lee Spector (Spector Media Communications).


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