22 Digital Growth Strategies for Magazine Publishers

A Magazine LinkedIn Group Initiative

This eBook is an initiative of the Magazine LinkedIn Group, and it incorporates community expertise by bridging theory and practice. With the help of the Magazine LinkedIn members that accepted our invitation to contribute for this first edition, publishers of all sizes will gain new insights and be able to implement these strategies for their own publications.

Table of contents

  • #1 Evaluate Your Mobile Presence
  • #2 Understand User Behaviours
  • #3 Implement Progressive Web Apps
  • #4 Utilize Global Renewals
  • #5 Speak with Circulation Directors
  • #6 Make Use of Standard Renewals
  • #7 Your Subscription Strategy Is Your Loyalty Strategy - Treat It as Such!
  • #8 Let's Get Back to Marketing Basics
  • #9 Direct Debits - Handle with Care!
  • #10 Reinforce Your Brand's Identity in a Digital Environment - Don't Lose it.
  • #11 Give More Than Words, but Not All the Words
  • #12 Focus on the Mix
  • #13 Explore the New Facebook Growth Engine. Dark Testing.
  • #14 Develop Your Web Presence
  • #15 Invest Time on App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • #16 Plan to Get Reviews and Ratings
  • #17 Build Your Viral Acquisition Strategy Early
  • #18 Set a Budget for Paid Promotion
  • #19 Don't Forget Offline Promotion
  • #20 Explore Advantages of the Episodic Magazine
  • #21 Write Like a Writer: Q&A Plus Narrative, Not Either/Or
  • #22 The Advertorial is Back, and Better than Ever

Huge thanks to the amazing contributors for the first edition of this eBook: David Jones (ASM Publishing), Debbie Stenning (Database Vision), Dora Santos Silva (iNOVA Media Lab), Patrick Costello (Naytev), Krista McLandress (Paperlit), and Tone Swep (Six 13 | RDD).


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