Progressive Web App Themes

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Mobile App Themes Designed to Enhance Your Content and Engage Mobile Users

Each app theme is flexible, easily branded and customized


  • Horizontal menu with categories of article on first screen
  • Side-to-side navigation with lateral swiping
  • List of articles available at vertical scroll


  • Home-screen with support for featured story & background image
  • Boxed navigational menu
  • Background image for each category of articles


  • Fast and smooth navigation
  • Colourful side menu and top bar
  • Time ago display for posts dates


  • Menu with nested categories and pages
  • Simple lists of articles
  • Large featured image on details pages


  • Full-screen cover page
  • Large hero-images in the articles carousel
  • Vertical navigation
  • 1 main article plus extra preview for next


  • Full-screen cover page
  • Pages & sub-pages menu
  • Side-to-side navigation with lateral swiping
  • Maximum 2 articles per page