Hybrid Mobile App Themes

Dozen of mobile app themes to choose from! Select your favorite one, customize its look and feel and make it your own

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Mobile App Themes Designed to Enhance Your Content and Engage Mobile Users

Each app theme is flexible, easily branded and customized


  • Horizontal menu with categories of article on first screen
  • Side-to-side navigation with lateral swiping
  • List of articles available at vertical scroll


  • Home-screen with support for featured story & background image
  • Boxed navigational menu
  • Background image for each category of articles


  • JSON REST API that can be extended to fit your needs
  • Compatibility with WordPress as the back-end CMS
  • Push Notifications by integrating with OneSignal
  • Angular/Ionic & SASS source code
  • Unit tests (Karma, Jasmine) and End-to-End tests (Protractor)


  • Home-screen with support for galleries of videos
  • Multiple videos displayed on home-screen based on selected gallery
  • Header video for each detail page


  • First screen with hero background image & logo
  • List of boxed articles available at vertical scroll
  • Navigational menu with categories and pages


  • Multi-layered app theme
  • Vertical navigation
  • Bottom menu

HTML5 offers a flexible cross-platform solution based on customized RSS or API calls that can emulate the user-experience of popular apps like Flipboard.

John Thompson, Owner Journalism.co.uk