Choose from over a dozen customizable mobile app themes

Once you've selected your favorite theme you can start customizing the colors & fonts, adding your logo and graphic elements that can relate to your brand identity.

Give a holistic and integrated look & feel to your mobile web application that allows readers to easily swipe through your content.


With Appticles you can easily

  • Turn any type of content you have into a cross-platform mobile web application (iOS, Android, Windows 8, FirefoxOS) with a responsive UI and a native app look & feel
  • Customize your mobile web app's appearance to resemble your brand identity
  • Increase social interactions between your mobile readers by giving them the possibility to comment, like, share, tweet, directly from within your mobile web application

Your readers will be able to

  • Benefit from a rich mobile reading experience on their favorite mobile or tablet devices without needing to go through an App Store and install anything
  • Access your content from their mobile or tablet devices even when they're in a tube or an airplane.
  • Interact with your content and distribute it across social networks in a seamless way

Appticles were fast to support us with our first mobile website, with a look & feel that's easy to understand and use. Their understanding of the mobile field is really impressive.

Simone Brummelhuis


Appticles at a glance

Mobile App Themes

Dozens of themes to choose from. We add new ones every other week.

Rich UI/UX

Your users can have a cozy browsing experience on their favorite mobile device without having to go to an App Store and install anything.

App Monetization

Since mobile web apps don't have any shared revenue constraints, you can take full control of your income.

Social Reading

Your users will be able to easily share your mobile web application through their favorite social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Custom App Appearance

Select your favorite theme, customize the colors & fonts, add your logo and personalize your app to craft your brand identity.

Mobile Analytics

Get to know your mobile users and analyze your impact with our powerful yet simple reader-centric analytics.

Your Own Content

Repurpose your existing social content into a personalized mobile web application that tells a story: Your story.

Progressive Web Apps

All it takes for a mobile application to run is a modern mobile browser (HTML5 compatible).

Responsive UI

The look and feel of the mobile web app seamlessly morphs into the screen size of your users' device.

Add to Homescreen

Users can add your mobile web application to their homescreens making it just a tap away.

Custom Domain Name

Have your mobile web application on top of your existing online presence:

Offline Mode

Keep your mobile readers always in touch with your content, even in offline mode.