15 Best WYSIWYG Website Builder Platforms in 2017

WYSIWYG is the acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”, a revolutionary idea that encapsulates technologies that promise to deliver web designs precisely how you see them in the intuitive design editors. You can create a website just like you’d create a content-loaded Powerpoint slide; that’s the power of a WYSIWYG editor. Of course, you get to see your website preview the way it would appear to the final customer.


It is a blank canvas editor that uses Artificial Design Intelligence (or ADI) to create websites. It supports more than 16 languages and can be accessed by users worldwide. The five premium plans ranging from “Connect Domain” to “VIP” combine attractive features to optimise large and small-scale businesses.


  • This cloud-based online editor and site builder offers users the advantage of unlimited storage and flexible connectivity.
  • The platform can be accessed on almost every platform and device, making it a popular choice among users worldwide.
  • With Wix, you can create SEO friendly, attractive webs stores that have embedded contact forms, social media extensions, and Google tools.
  • The built-in image editor, extensive archives of graphics and CRM solutions further boost the visibility of your content.


  • Steep learning curve, and expensive
  • It is difficult to find reliable apps in the Store


Squarespace is an open source, SaaS-based site builder that assists users in creating top notch blogging and e-commerce websites that appeal to customers all over the world. Users get free hosting and domain services along with seamless CMS integration, increasing the credibility of your content considerably. The services offered in Squarespace can be accessed not individually but in bundles. Some of its latest features include Cover Page Builder, Google Apps, and Getty Images. You even get the freedom to edit content as and when you are uploading it live.


  • Squarespace is perhaps the sleekest, swankiest site builder available in the market today.
  • The latest integrations include Apple Pay and free SSL support for creating user-friendly and intuitive websites.
  • There are over 50 free templates that users can browse through as per their requirement.
  • Also, you can divide the content into separate categories, giving a clean outlook to the content.


  • There is no phone support
  • Lacks advanced marketing tools
  • No provision for additional extensions and plug-ins


1and1.com comes in the form of a robust point and click interface and inbuilt editor that enables your web design and development without the need of any technical expertise or special skills in HTML coding. 1and1 was with Jimdo until 2010, hence you might find many similarities between the two site builders.


  • The free trial period, though for a limited time frame gives you ample opportunity to explore the many editing tools and features offered here.
  • You get free web hosting, domain and the freedom to transfer your website to an existing domain without spending a penny.
  • Users can buy credit points paying a nominal amount and get an SEO advantage for enhanced web presence.
  • Also, the Site Analytics and CRM tools help you track the performance of the content uploaded.
  • You can even integrate your website with popular payment options such as PayPal.


  • However, on the downside, you don’t get a restore or data backup option here.


With SiteGround, users can enjoy perks such as free web hosting, free domain transfers, and unmetered traffic generation. Add to that the constant WordPress updates, interactive interface, easy wizard setup, integrated CMS, SEO tools, embedded ticketing or chat system and SuperCacher. The drag and drop tools and interactive interface further enhance your experience. You don’t have to deal with the hassles of complex HTML/CSS coding and software technicalities, just point and click on the content element you want to include in the page design.

“SiteGround has become such a successful company over the last 12 years mainly because of the three core values it has always followed: outstanding support, technological innovation and employees’ satisfaction. When the company has started it has attracted and kept its first customers thanks to a small but incredibly devoted support team a part of which I was proud to be. Now, 12 years and hundreds of thousand customers later, we are still a company that achieves more than 95% customer support satisfaction rate year after year,” said Tenko Nikolov, CEO and Managing Partner at SiteGround, in an interview with Tamar Weinberg .


  • You can change the layout, add images, insert content and apply other changes with just a simple point and click operation.
  • Also, as it is a WYSIWYYG site builder, users can preview their website before launching it out to the public.
  • Other perks include PCI compliance for processing credit cards, dedicated IP addressed and SSL certification for better protection.


  • Limited space, 10 to 30GB only
  • Requires GoGreek or GrowGreek plans for managing the hosting


Weebly is another open source SaaS model site builder that offers free hosting services and domain to growing businesses and start-ups. The trendy drag and drop interface helps Weebly to stand out a powerful yet user-friendly website creation platform. At the moment it is one of the best website builders. SEO improvement tools, CRM integration, Google analytics, useful extensions and plug-ins further work toward widening the scope and scale of your Weebly powered website.

“I must say that the crisis, which began in 2008, did not stop us from making our business go cash-positive. At the time, a lot of small businesses used our platform to build businesses. I always maintained that a technology business is about the product and we achieved scale based on the merit of the product. We don’t have a sales team even today. Financial discipline was the key to our success. This continues to be the reason why we have helped 40 million businesses,” said David Rusenko, CEO and co-founder of Weebly.


  • The site builder is surprisingly easy to work with.
  • The Weebly customer support come with live chat, phones and real time interaction with experts for assisting any issue that you’d have with website development.
  • The site builder is compatible with all operating systems and devices, helping users gather leads and channelize them productively.
  • You can even setup PayPal and Bitcoin payment options with your Weebly store.


  • Very basic tools and limited customisation options
  • Blogging features are not very competent


GoDaddy is a platform here companies can register their domain names and get free web hosting services for their websites. The platform is among the fastest and most efficient website builders that rule the market today. GoDaddy is integrated with cloud services offering impressive storage facilities along with a generous bandwidth for users to promote their websites across different channels and networks online.

“GoDaddy’s new Website Builder is an innovative website building solution that is fundamentally changing the approach to website creation and is helping customers get noticed, reach larger audiences and help drive sales,” said Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice President, GoDaddy International.


  • The latest version of GoDaddy built from the scratch is called GoCentral and is completely different from its competitors.
  • The “Online Store” plan is an ideal option for budding enterprises to build a solid web presence on the virtual platform.
  • The multi-lingual dashboard comes with a robust and responsive support system to guide you through the entire web development process.
  • You even get the conventional web development features such as SEO tools, CRM solutions, ERP services, archives of templates and graphics along with several leads generating tools and extensions.


  • Uses a generalised hosting
  • Limited database and outdated marketing solutions
  • Data restrictions can be an issue for users


The free and open source site builder is cloud-based helping websites in expanding their market across different social media networks and e-commerce channels. Moreover, because it is a multi-lingual platform, it caters to the needs of audiences from all across the globe. The above average features and editing tools offered here, clubbed with a wide range of free to use templates simplify the entire process of website creation.

“Jimdo is a very easy way to create a website for small businesses, or for personal use, organizations, clubs, that kind of stuff. It’s a little bit over five years old now. We started in Germany but we’ve internationalized the company quite fast; we have offices in San Francisco, China and Japan now. We fully support 8 languages; people can build sites in these languages and also get support from our staff in languages like Spanish, for example,” said Christian Springub, Jimdo Co-Founder.


  • Jimdo has all the necessary website creation tools and web design editing tools necessary to create a simple, functional website representing your business on the virtual platform.
  • This Germany based website builder supports more than nine languages and also gives you free access to the HTML/CSS coding
  • You can even link your web store to PayPal or Bitcoin (among the most popular payment systems among customers) to safeguard the monetary transactions.
  • Free web hosting, dependable domain name suggestions, and impressive SEO tools only add on to the site builder’s charm.


  • The online store is limited and lacks a credit card payment gateway
  • There are a few templates with old obsolete designs


Strikingly is a drag and drop site builder that is nothing like any other web development platform you would have worked with. A standard website builder helps you create multiple web pages; however, at Strikingly users can create a single-page sites where the data can be accessed by simply scrolling up and down. Staying true to its name, the site builder is “Strikingly” amazing and appealing.

“How to build a website is one of the most fundamental problems on the internet that has not been solved. We believe that everyone should be able to set up a web presence themselves and we’re all very passionate in solving this problem. Since we’re only at the very beginning of our work, there are still a lot more to be done. The challenge is always how do we make our tool powerful without sacrificing the simplicity of it. So what’s coming next are enhancement on the functionalities of Strikingly and continuous simplification of the site building process,” remarked David Chen, Co-Founder of Y Cominator backed Strikingly, in an interview with FoundersGrid.


  • Free web hosting, affordable plans, domain, and subdomain registration along with URL generation make the platform ideal for beginners.
  • The SEO tools optimize your content increasing their visibility on the search engines while built-in Google Analytic tools help in lead conversions.
  • The platform has popularised the concept of one-page websites where users can create different sections to monitor and manage the various aspects of the site efficiently.
  • Each theme has its own unique set of sections that can be easily customised as per your requirement.


  • The one page layout might pose a problem for the SEO rating of the website
  • Very basic, lacks the advanced ecommerce solutions


With Webs, users can create attractive and efficient web stores and e-commerce websites for free without having to deal with the technicalities of codes or CSS. To explore the advanced and better site creation features you would have to register and purchase a plan paying a subscription amount. Established in 2001, Webs has launched over 50 million websites till date. It targets mostly small-scale start-ups and non-profit organisations as all their tools are better suited for amateurs.


  • With Webs, users can build their own membership communities as well on their virtual platform gathering followers from all across the globe and monetising n the subscriptions the platform enjoys.
  • The free package includes designing one free website that is compatible with all devices, 500MB bandwidth, and 40MB storage space.
  • It is compatible with both laptop and mobile devices coming with a range of attractive template to enhance the appeal of the store.


  • Not suited for large-scale organisations
  • Limited storage and lack of features


With Yola, users can create beautiful, professional quality websites that help promote their content. The main menu is disorganised and difficult to understand. All things said and done, Yola is a decent website builder that features a white-labelled integration with Ecwid (a platform that allows users to connect their stores across different networks and mediums).

“The partnership with switchplus is our first with an ISP, and is our initial step for further growth in the European ISP market, building on our already growing base of European customers,” said Vinny Lingham, Founder and CEO of Yola. “Together with switchplus, we are enabling its customers to create a professional website and grow their online presence.”


  • Users can avail the benefits of the free trial version where they can create five standard websites with banner-free hosting, 1GB storage, built-in analytics and sub-domain suggestions.
  • You get to create five websites on one account without having to deal with pesky pop-ups, complex coding, and banners.
  • The form builder comes with a lot of widgets and editing options ranging from checkboxes to captchas.
  • The Constant Contact signup helps you create newsletter for enhanced email marketing.


  • Out of the many themes and layouts available only 10 are responsive and suitable to match the modern ecommerce standards.
  • Also, on the downside, the interface is cluttered, unorganised and complicated.


BoldGrid is a subsidiary of WordPress and does not come as a stand-alone solution. The site builder doesn’t cost you a dime, however, because it is a part of WordPress users will have to host their content using the partner hosts of the company (such as InMotion Hosting and Web Hosting Hub). With BoldGrid, users can get access to one of the largest communities in the world, the interface is split into two sections catering to first-time users and experienced professionals respectively.


  • You can integrate your WordPress blog with BoldGrid using a Connect Key to install plug-ins and setup the platform on your system.
  • The sites created here are mobile friendly and can be adjusted to meet the screen dimensions of the device.
  • The intuitive interface, wide list of free templates and colourful graphics only enhance your popularity online.
  • There are about seven main categories and 13 subdivisions that the themes are divided into.


  • The platform lacks some high-tech features that you’d find elsewhere, such as with website builders such as Squarespace or Weebly.


WebsiteBuilder is among the easiest to use, and most efficient website builders that allow users to preview the content exactly as it would appear once it’s published. The platform offers both free and paid versions where users can try out a 14-day trial period before subscribing. In paid plans, you get the freedom to choose your own domain names and opt for ad-free credits.


  • The platform caters to all small and large scale business requirements allowing them free reign over every aspect of the website.
  • It allows you to create attractive professional quality web stores and add smart services such as setup shopping carts, manage catalogues and accept payments through PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • Your websites will be embedded with the best of PPC tools, SEO solutions and CRM integration that monitors and boosts the performance of your website tenfold.


  • The page branding appears even in paid plans
  • The learning curve is steep.


VEVS is a powerful website builder that comes with a drag and drop interface and intuitive design. It is perfect for entrepreneurs who prefer to have absolute control over each and every aspect of the website. The platform best suits real estate, automobile dealership and tourism related websites.


  • The integrated CRM solutions help you make the most from the leads you gather, and the SEO tools make your website more visible on search engine result pages.
  • With hundreds of templates and layouts available for free, you can easily edit your website using the drag and drop tools.
  • The free trial version of the platform lets you access all the tools and features offered by VEVS before you subscribe for the paid plans.
  • The admin panel helps you manage global site analytics, newsletters and user accounts on the front-end editor.


  • The SEO tools though robust lack features like Schema and Sitemaps
  • Does not allow access to the HTML/CSS coding


The success of any web store depends on its layout and services offered. Shopify is one site builder that offers users the best of both designing and functionality. It is among the leading e-commerce site builders and invites vendors to merge their content into one big platform. With more than a hundred themes, readymade layouts and vibrant graphics, Shopify allow users to create beautiful, professional quality web stores complete with solid payment portals, flexible shopping carts, and well-organised catalogs.

“Our objective is to preserve opportunities for personal entrepreneurship in a space that’s always changing. Amazon has the ability to invest money in the changing trends, but the small business that sells Pokemon jewelry? They can’t. So, someone bigger has to do that, and playing that role is important to us,” Said Tobias Lutke, CEO, when Shopify was compared to ecommerce giants like Amazon.


  • Shopify even allows users to access the HTML and CSS coding to tweak the basic layout of the site.
  • The dashboard is armed with the best features and App Market only simplifies your job.
  • The responsive checkout system is integrated with the best payment platforms such as PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • The drag and drop interface is very responsive, intuitive and compatible with almost every OS and device.


  • The URL structure is not competent for SEO
  • Domain names have to be purchased, and email hosting is also unavailable


Big Commerce, as the name suggests, is a site builder ideal for professional large-scale enterprises that require massive marketing strategies and e-commerce solutions. Established in 2008, the platform has quickly gained an impressive reputation among entrepreneurs and web developers. BigCommerce takes care of the entire web designing, giving entrepreneurs time to concentrate on the other issues of their business. Today, the platform powers over ten thousands online stores and has processed over $9 million transactions!

“Because the app store launch bar is part of the Bigcommerce experience, your apps receive huge exposure to our 50,000+ clients every time they go to the app store. By bringing the app store into Bigcommerce, we not only make it easier for our clients to find and use apps, but we give you as a developer a much better chance of having your app seen by our clients because accessing the app store is now so easy,” said Mitchell Harper Co-Founder and Co CEO.


  • As an open source site builder, it is integrated with cloud and allows users to create attractive web pages on a private network.
  • Free hosting, CRM tools SEO enhancement, and in-house editing are some of the top features that users can avail the benefits of.
  • The point and click design help you in making interesting templates and reliable payment options for better customer satisfaction.


  • Incompetent inventory management tools
  • A lot of features only make the platform more complex, making it tough to understand for beginners

Having a website is the best way to promote your content, ideas, products, and interests online. The website builders discussed here blend the best from the world of WYSIWYG editors, drag and drop styled editing, free and responsive web design themes, and other functionalities, helping eve newbies create majestic websites.

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