22 Digital Growth Strategies for Magazine Publishers

A few months back I had the privilege of becoming the Community Manager for Magazine LinkedIn Group (~60,000 members) and my first order or business was to invite all members to join the initiative of putting together an eBook entitled “101 Growth Strategies for Magazine Publishers”.

I was impressed with their reactions and decided to start the process of publishing the eBook. As you can imagine this was a difficult undertake, one that involved contacting potential contributors, aggregating and editing the content, proofreading and designing the eBook.

I contacted and interviewed more than 60 contributing authors, out of which 25% had the proper expertise for this kind of project and only a handful of them ended up writing the content. All in all, it took nearly 3 months to get this first edition out. The eBook contains 45 pages (over 8,000 words) of practical information (22 growth strategies) that you can immediately apply with instant results.

It’s with great pleasure that I invite all of you to download it for FREE:

eBook 22 Digital Growth Strategies


Huge thanks to the amazing contributors that made all of it possible: David Jones (ASM Publishing), Debbie Stenning (Database Vision), Dora Santos Silva (iNOVA Media Lab), Patrick Costello (Naytev), Krista McLandress (Paperlit), and Tone Swep (Six 13 | RDD).

Hope you’ll find it useful and if you want to be part of the next edition, please do get in touch. Enjoy!

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