Unlimited applications on all plans and new tablet app theme available

One important change for all premium accounts: the number of apps per account is now UNLIMITED! Before, the limits were applied per account, i.e. PLUS plan was limited to 3 applications. Now there is only one limit and this limit is session based – cumulative from all existing apps inside an account. MORE APPS FOR ALL!

Check Out the New Tablet App Theme

The new app theme allows you to better target your tablet users, taking advantage of the bigger screen size by distributing the content in a beautiful and touch-friendly manner. As with the other app themes, users are able to enjoy an enhanced reading experience on their favorite tablet device, either we’re talking about iPads, Android or Windows based tablets. You can see it in action by simply authenticating into the Dashboard and navigate to Manage > Look & Feel > Tablets to choose “Theme #4“.

App Translations Now Available

All apps now include LOCALIZATION support – a feature that has been heavily requested in the last months. In other words, your mobile web applications can be translated in one of the supported languages: Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Polski, Svenska or Română.

If your language is not listed above and you want to contribute with a translation for one of your applications, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist and integrate it into the platform.