5 app themes at the price of 3 on WP Mobile Pack PRO

We’ve just launched 2 new app themes on WP Mobile Pack PRO and since it’s that time of the year, we thought of offering you a 5 App Theme Bundle at the price of 3! Check them all out below!


We call it work-it-all because it works for most types of content. It’s the starting point for all bloggers and publishers. A chameleon theme that fits best when you don’t know what to choose. It has intuitive navigation and minimal visual decorations, allowing you to focus on the quality of your content and little else.


It’s the window-display of themes. You can instantly see several categories and choose which ones are of interest and focus on those. Depending on the number of displayed categories, the boxes will resize to fit all available space. It’s great for bloggers that have posts spanning several categories and need a way to visually structure their content.


Obliq is bold. With sharp lines throughout the app, it’s best suited for an opinionated blog, one that is sure of its point of view and not afraid to show-off. Here, images are the heroes, making this theme a perfect fit for showcasing great visual content.


Elevate is all in one direction, UP. Content is at a swipe away. Navigation through articles is seamless, with the list of articles updating as you are swiping. It’s best for news feeds, allowing you to easily follow the development of a topic on different cards, by swiping away through articles.


Pages are here with a bang. The main menu is displayed on the front-cover, so your users can immediately navigate to the desired page. The theme shines when there’s essential information you need to display that doesn’t change often, but also includes support for articles.