Mobile Premier Awards Finalist

The inevitable has occurred and we’ve been selected as one of the 20 finalists for Mobile Premier Awards to be held this year in Barcelona – everybody that is somebody in the mobile space will be there at the end of February and we’re proud to be part of such an amazing gathering. For us this is a unique opportunity to showcase our platform and the mobile web applications that have been used and appreciated by publishers such as &

This was an expected continuation of the awards we’ve received in the past few months and it’s only a confirmation that HTML5 is becoming more mainstream in the mobile environment, questioning “The Biggest Mistake” Mark Zuckerberg so willingly revealed as being the critical point in Facebook’s mobile strategy.

Initiatives like FirefoxOS from Mozilla (a new mobile operating system completely based on HTML5) who are heavily supported by Telefonica are the things that will shake up the mobile space in 2013, making way for new and open opportunities in a space that seems utterly controlled for so long. You can read here about the phones that will support FirefoxOS.

Some of the names that will compose the Mobile Premier Awards jury this year are:

Andy Carvell is Product Marketing Manager for Mobile at SoundCloud, the leading social sound platform, with offices in Berlin, London, Sofia and San Francisco.

James Parton is Twilio’s Director of European Marketing

James Thornton, Senior Editor & Mobile Lead Expert at Softonic.

Marco Benninghaus, Senior Manager App Partnering, Deutsche Telekom AG. 

Petra Vorsteher, EVP Strategic Alliances & Co-founder. 

Vipul Chopra, Manager, Developer Program, Intel Corporation. 

Neil Mansilla is the Director of Platform Evangelism & Partnerships for Mashery. 

Bill Maggs is Director of Product Management at Mozilla

Don’t forget to get in touch with us if you’re in Barcelona on the 25th – 28th February.