What is Appticles?

Appticles.com a multi-channel mobile publishing platform that empowers digital publishers to better reach and engage their mobile users. We believe that the Mobile Web has the potential to go beyond responsiveness, into something new and exciting, where everything is an app instead of a site, where user interactions are more important than just page views and, ultimately, where all apps are interlinked into a Web of apps.

Proud to be supported by:

Startupbootcamp is Europe's leading accelerator program for startup and runs accelerator programs throughout the year in different cities across Europe, with a different focus in each. Some of the programs are open to all type of applications, whereas vertical program in Dublin/London focuses on Digital Health, and the program in Copenhagen focuses on Mobile.

LAUNCHub is a seed fund supporting the most promising entrepreneurs and digital startups in South and Eastern Europe. Their investments vary up to 200 K Euro and they also run a mentor-led program helping young entrepreneurs grow their business faster.

Prosper Women Entrepreneurs (PWE) was created to advance women-led companies. PWE is comprised of two separate divisions: Prosper Institute, a non-profit organization that helps growth-seeking women entrepreneurs advance their businesses to create economic prosperity, and the Prosper Women Entrepreneurs Startup Accelerator, a for-profit organization focused on increasing women entrepreneurs' access to growth capital and the number of women investing in early stage capital markets.

The Core Team

Ciprian Borodescu

Chief Executive Officer

We're living in a world where freedom of choice is so deeply embedded into our beings and the essence of Appticles is all about that: offering small and medium publishers a viable alternative to the closed environment of native apps. Give it a try and help us appify the mobile web!

Alexandra Anghel

Chief Technical Officer

Appticles is a challenging and engaging experience both from technical and personal point of view. I believe the traditional web is changing towards an app-centric web and that's why we are committed to help small and medium publishers to be relevant on the mobile environment by using the newest HTML5 technologies.

Alexandru Barbulescu

Backend Maistro

I'm here to make sure that everything behind the scenes runs as smoothly as possible for our customers. It's a challenge I have taken head on and I'm fully commited to it. My aim is making sure that publishers have a fast and seamless way of delivering content to their mobile audience.

Our Advisors

Markus Lampinen

Driven Entrepreneur & Global Investor

Markus serves as the CEO of Crowd Valley Inc, a US based marketplace platform provider and spinoff from Grow VC, where Markus previous served as COO. He is a global investor and senior partner at the Grow VC group. Since 2009, Markus has recruited over 120 people in the crowd funding market, built up a global team on six continents and expanded operations to include over 100 countries. In his earlier businesses, he has focused on responsibilities of CFO and e.g. been responsible for revenue growth of over 1,000% per year, for several subsequent years.

Anders Christjansen


Anders is currently CEO of IDenTV and an adviser at Ecosystem Ventures. He was previously CEO of Waoo!, the leading internet TV and fiber broadband challenger in Denmark, which he has led from start-up to the USD 90 million dollar business of today. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is an accomplished senior executive with a broad combination of experiences building companies, products, markets and revenues globally. In addition, he was Founding Advisor of Startup Boot Camp Europe and President of European Tech Tour; MBA INSEAD.