Embrace mobile

Appticles helps you reach your mobile audience by creating a constantly evolving mobile web app, based on your existing content. Our platform has a simple workflow that allows you to easily publish mobile web apps that work on any mobile device and offers your users an enhanced reading experience. No need to learn new skills, keep writing the way you have always done and leave the rest to us.

Apple iOS
Windows Phone
Firefox OS

Your content comes first

Just imagine how you can suddenly combine content from your blog with your YouTube channel and a hashtag search on Twitter. Just like that you can include it all in your mobile web app and keep your readers up-to-date wherever they are.

Share seamlessly across people and devices

Sharing has become a fundamental part of how we work online. Your mobile readers have an expectation that what they see can be shared and that it works seamlessly across people and devices. We believe in a social reading experience and the Open Web is the right environment for that. Appticles heavily relies on social distribution allowing your readers to share, like or tweet their favorite pieces of content.

Reader-centric analytics

Monetize without compromise

Mobile is the perfect environment for introducing new ways of monetizing your content. Whether we are talking about ads, paid subscriptions or social micropayments, all the money goes directly in your pocket. There are no shared revenue constraints.

Reader-centric analytics

We provide you with a set of interesting reader-centric analytics that not only helps you make the best editorial decisions but also gives you precious insights on how your content is consumed.